SF 42

Aluminium Framed Sliding System

The SF 42 is designed as a aluminium sliding door system that can provide many alternative solutions to any project. Its tensile strength enables extra large glass panels to slide effortlessly, maximising glass areas to provide uninterrupted framed views with minimal sightlines. It is possible to specify which of the panels are to be fixed – where other panels can slide behind, or to have all panels sliding, or additionally fixed plant-on panels where all panels can slide behind if required. There is the option of an extended track, running parallel behind a wall, fixed screen or into a cavity, so that the panels slide completely out of sight, providing 100% clear opening.

sliding door

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System Information's

Profile System

  • elegant sliding door system with attractive design options, including interpane glazing bars
  • narrow exterior views: frame 47 mm, casement 70 mm, glazing bar 78 mm
  • opening types: 2- or 3-track with up to 6 moving casements
  • max. door casement height: 3000 mm
  • max. casement weight: 180 kg
  • colour design with high-quality PE-F powder coating
  • construction depth: 2-track 65 / 50 mm, 3-track 115 / 50 mm
  • glazing thickness up to 20 mm
  • high-grade steel runners
  • tried-and-tested sealing system for casement and labyrinth area