SF 42 Sliding System / Aluminum Framed

Sliding system is specifically designed for large size glass panels for rooftop terraces and winter gardens that are subject to stringent sealing and security requirements.

The SF 42 sliding door allows the individual sliding panels to be moved horizontally to one side or both in parallel. The individual sliding panels glide smoothly on ball-bearing mounted carriages for optimum performance.

System Information

Profile System

  • Non insulated aluminum system
  • Floor-mounted sliding system
  • Sliding to the left or right as desired
  • Narrow exterior views: Frame 50 mm, casement 40 mm, frame bar 70 mm
  • Opening types: 2 or 3 tracks with up to 6 moving casements
  • Max. door casement height: 3,900 mm
  • Max. casement weight: 180 kg
  • Construction depth: 2 track 65/50 mm, 3 track 115/50 mm
  • Glazing thickness of 6-22 mm possible