Legal Term & Condition

– A site survey will be made within 5 working days after Sunflex has received the payment for the deposit. (If the site is ready)

– Ready for delivery about 8 weeks after the approval of the order confirmation. (Sunflex does not provide shop drawings)

– Delivery time of special or large projects by agreement.

– The installation will start within 1 week after the material delivered to the site and if the site is ready, however, the installation would by suspended subject to payment condition.

– In the event that the products and material are unable to deliver due to any delay cause by the contractor / client, Sunflex will not take any responsibility for the delay period and the 2nd payment will become due after notification of the readiness for delivery.

– Should it becomes necessary or if desired from the client, that partial production, partial deliveries or partial installations are made, the normal payment conditions will applied to the amount of each part.

Note: Installation shall commence after receipt of payment for delivery of material to site.

– Sunflex reserve the right to adjust the final price from the original contract sum ( up and down ) as detailed in our order confirmation, in accordance to actual site dimensions of structural openings or due to subsequent design changes.

– Sunflex reserve the right to adapt the installation costs where special or difficult access conditions are prevalent to the construction site or due unpredictable problems during the installation caused by the contractor or client.

– Electricity, water, scaffolding, cranes, 4X4 truck etc. have to be provided by the construction company or client, at the time if it is needed, without charge to Sunflex.
Upon completion of the installation or part-installation (to be pre-advised) a final check list / handover protocol must be signed by the customer / owner or by his written authorized representative within 1 day.

– Without signature of the hand over protocol, within 1 day the installation is considered to be 100% accepted and Sunflex will not be held accountable for any damage detected after installation or part-installation completion and there is no reason to keep the residual payment.

– Sunflex does not provide temporary protection to the frames or glass after completion of the installation works. Any temporary protection required after hand over, shall be the responsibility of the contractor or client.

– Height dimensions of the doors based on the 1 meter reference line, must be provided by the Contractor / client. Sunflex does not take liability for any mistakes on dimensions provided by contractor /client.

– Furthermore, Sunflex not takes over liability, should the 1m reference lines are wrong, the reference lines or the openings are changed after the measurement, or other business not exactly follow it and arise problems. If for Sunflex arise from it higher cost, it will be additionally charged.

– For all colors it is possible that there will be colour differences because of technical reasons. These colour differences are no reasons for complains.

– Please note that we not guarantee a water tightness on our systems SF 20, SF 25 and SF 40 H-S-W.

– Please note that with our SF 20, SF 25 and SF 40 H-S-W systems, wind noise can occur in certain
situations. This is not a cause for complaints.

– We would like to point out that when tempered clear glass panels are be pushed one behind the other, especially on our systems SF 20 and SF 25, a green glass effect can be occur. This is no reason for complaints.

– The delivered or installed goods are until the complete payment is made, are ownership of Sunflex, and Sunflex always has the right to remove them and to pick up.

Note: Before the production starts, Sunflex will return deposit money less 20% for administrative fees in the event the Client decides to cancel the order. After the production starts the deposit will be not return.

– Please note that it is included in the installation price, a one-time journey but if the construction site at the appointed time is not ready for the installation and further journeys become necessary, it will be billed at cost. The decision if the construction site is ready for the installation will be made by our installation manager.

– Please kindly consider and approve the order confirmation properly, because Sunflex assumes no liability should colors, types of glass, opening ways etc. not be as desired.

Note: Due to the constantly fluctuating prices of aluminium the quotations are valid for only 4 weeks.