Designed To Perfection

Offering a complete glazing package to create your space

Since 1986 we at SUNFLEX have led the market in the design, supply and installation of all aspects of glazing, including bifold doors and sliding doors, for both residential and commercial properties – from extensions, self-builds, refurbishments and grand design projects.

We specialize in bifold doors and sliding doors and our extensive range of quality door systems includes a product to suit every type of project. Manufactured for us by SUNFLEX GmbH in Germany our bifold doors include stylish aluminum and engineered timber (or even a combination of both), our high performing systems stand out from the competition.

For large glass areas our expertise also includes large glass sliding doors in aluminum. We have advanced sliding patio door technology with our multi, or even extended track, designs allowing entire walls of glass to be effortlessly slid open – truly bringing the outside inside.

We have a large range of products for internal room partitions; our slide and turn or frameless sliding doors allow flexibility within open plan spaces allowing them to be easily divided or opened, perfect for creating separate usable rooms.

Our complete glazing package includes our contemporary aluminum windows, movable glass walls, glass roofs, front doors and glass skylights. Perfect for balconies, galleries, verandas and terraces our frameless glass balustrade continue our philosophy of bringing the outside inside with no discernible uprights or visual joints.

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The bifold door and sliding door specialists

For customers who take pride in having the best quality and design in their homes, it has to be SUNFLEX.

For more than thirty years SUNFLEX have been one of the world’s leading producers of specialist door systems, offering a wide range of products manufactured to your individual requirements, with every bifold door system is expertly crafted by hand in Germany. With three decades experience in design and manufacturing, you will be purchasing one of the only truly German-designed and manufactured door systems available in the market today.